Player Profile

Player name: Uliti Uilou

Nickname: The Interceptor

Position: Fullback

Born: Greenland, Auckland

Ethnicity: Tongan, Samoan, Fijian, German

Clubs: Mt Maunganui Marlins, Katikati, Bay Of Plenty U18, U19 n Bay 7’s (NZ) Western Raptors

Fav player: Shaun Johnson

Fav food: Mc Chicken Meal

Fav drink: Blue V

Biggest Idol: My Dad, Fanga Uilou

Funniest rugby moment: during a runaway try and pulling my hammy

Most annoying Raptor: Jeremiah, he can talk a big game but always got excuses for everything.

Where in 5 yrs: Playing SuperRugby/NRL and a personal trainer.

Player Name: Raymond Magalogo

Nickname: Ray

Position: Number 8

Born: Nepean Hospital, Penrith

Ethnicity: Samoan

Clubs: Raptors Juniors, Penrith Emu’s, Hawkesbury Valley

Fav Player: Jerry Collins (All Blacks No 8) R.I.P

Fav Drink: Coke

Fav food: Pizza

Biggest Idol: The Rock (Dwayne Johnson) haha

Funniest rugby moment: running full field for a try and diving on the 10 metre line before the try line.

Most annoying Raptor: Elias, cause he doesn’t stop talking on the field (haha) not a bad thing just annoying (haha)

Where in 5 yrs: maybe see myself coaching footy or some type of trainer. Really develop Rugby out here in Western Sydney

Player Name: Jeremiah Tukala

Nickname: Skippa, Miah

Position: No8, prop or fullback if you wanna win the grand final (haha)

Born: Blacktown Hospital (Sydney)

Ethnicity: Tongan, Samoan

Clubs: Raptors 1st grade (2019) Colts U21’s (2021)

Fav Player: Radike Samo nah jokes, Jonah Lomu, Ardie Savea

Fav food: Asian n Poly cuisine and a phat steak

Fav drink: Fanta, Sprite, Pepsi kinda guy

Biggest Idol: Richie McCaw

Funniest rugby moment: When I pulled my hammy at training and I played most of 2019 season injured or sick

Most annoying Raptor: Mala Ezekiel the Queesnlander (haha)

Where in 5 years: Hopefully playing in a selective competition and hopefully representing the Raptors, or a league team in the area towards a higher path

Player Name: Delvalin Paul-Edmonds

Nickname: Dev

Position: 1st five

Born: Tauranga Hospital (N.Z)

Ethnicity: New Zealand

Clubs: Te Puna, KKC, Western Raptors

Fav Player: Daniel Carter, Sherwin Stowers

Fav Food: Boil up (Kiwi Delicacy)

Fav Drink: Water (Hmm)

Biggest Idol: Kane Hames

Funniest rugby moment: Last year when I made a break with no one in front of me and my legs gave out 10 metres before the try line and I just remember trying to dive as far as I could to score but failed, mean while everyone on the side line thought I had scored (haha)

Most annoying Raptor: Has to be Jeremiah Tukala (hahaha)

Where in 5 years: Hopefully playing in another Raptors final.

Player Name: Michael Paulo

Nickname: Paulo

Position: Utility (1 to 15) haha

Born: Middlemore Hospital, Otahuhu Auckland

Ethnicity: Samoan

Club: Penrith Emu, Blacktown Warriors, Western Raptors

Fav Player: Tana Umaga

Fav Food: Chop suey n rice

Fav Drink: Coffee Mocha

Biggest Idol: Steve McKnight (Real Estate)

Funniest rugby moment: Trying to do a chip n chase right in front of our sideline supporters (Emu’s) and kicking it straight to the opposition.

Most annoying Raptor: Pete Niumata the player/captain

Where in 5 years: Refereeing rugby 7’s in Dubai